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Queni Koi then and now

Queni Koi was formed in 2010. Breeding Koi from high quality Japanese Oyagoi for the UK trade market, during the early days food was imported to rear fry and culminate Tosai ready for sale into the trade. We soon launched the  Queni Koi Food range to compliment the current business. It soon became very popular so we developed and improved our infrastructure in order to provide customers with the service we wanted them to have.

During 2012 the breeding programme closed and a different approach was taken. To source high quality Japanese Koi from Japan.

From 2012 to now Queni Koi has developed drastically. Developing relationships with breeders in the North of Japan and the South. We are forever increasing the quality and range of Japanese Koi we have for sale. Typically we have Koi ranging from £10.00 to over £10,000.00, we focus on catering for all hobbyists. Travelling to Japan two to three times a year, we strictly only ever import Japanese Koi. Every Koi is hand selected in Japan by us.

All Koi undergo our strict quarantine procedure. We take this very seriously and quarantine for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure our customers receive disease free, healthy Koi. During this period, routine scrapes are taken, they undergo heat ramping, and necessary treatments are used.

Photos from the BKKS National Koi Show 2017

Our website has evolved alongside the huge expansion of our dry goods range. Offering Free Next Day delivery we stock a large range of Koi related goods. Goods that we use, recommend and have knowledge of. We take pride in our stock of products, if you see an item on our website. We have it. We don't use wholesalers to deliver the items for us, we deliver from our shop to you. Should an item be out of stock for whatever reason this is rectified as soon as possible.

Year on year we are developing and pushing Queni Koi to new heights. Our next step was to develop our product range other than Food, Treatments and Koi.

Late 2015 we signed a deal to become the sole agent for a range of Drum filters from a manufacturer in Holland. In partnership, to date (2022) there are over 400 units in operation in the U.K. and Ireland alone. Including Europe there are nearly 2000 units in operation. Proving very popular, productivity and demand increased. We are proud to offer this filtration range to our customers and work closely with our partner in Holland, always looking at ways to develop products and increase the range.

Pushing Queni Koi forward to another level again we re-located to the nearby village of Wanlip. Opening a brand new facility in May 2017 we increased our water space from 12,000 gallons to 60,000 gallons spread across two sites. All of the new ponds run on our own filtration range consisting of Drums, Bio Chambers, Showers and Combi Drums. Once again we increased the numbers of Koi and inevitably increased our storage for stock.

In 2019 we built an additional polytunnel. This is used primarily for quarantining new Koi. This adds an extra 14,000 gallons of water space to our existing set up. 

We already have exciting plans for 2022 so keep tuned!

Welcome to Queni Koi.

Chris, Mike, Adam & Marcus