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Ceramic Shower Media - CSM - 25 litres

Ceramic Shower Media - CSM - 25 litres
Excellent Ceramic filtration media for use in showers.
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Ceramic Shower Media (CSM) also known as Midori Infrared Bacteria Home is made with the highest quality ceramic materials, such as tourmaline, silica and germanium. By heating it to 1800 degrees Celsius the heat causes the ceramic to break its internal bonds thereby creating an extremely porous structure. This way, CSM can accommodate vast amounts of bacteria and microrganisms. CSM is so porous it has fantastic capillary action, acting like a sponge the parts of the media that do not receive direct water flow still absorb water all the way throughout the media.

Organic solids and decomposing material is broken down at a faster rate than in other filter media given both the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria colonising the media. Doing this, the medium maintains the ecological balance in your pond and allows Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate to be removed. Furthermore it does not erode under high flow rates and it doesn't dissolve into the water over time due to it being pH neutral. 

CSM is suitable for use in a shower/trickle filter as well as being submersed in a chamber. To get the best results from CSM ideally it should be used in a shower filter. 

When arranging the media in your shower it is recommended to either place it in full lengths or to break in half. Random formation of the media is best as it encourages water movement throughout the trays and increased oxygen/gaseous exchange. Do not place the media in uniform rows. 

Our Midi Shower can hold 100 Litres of CSM
Our Maxi Shower can hold 1275 Litres of CSM

Thickness: 42mm
Length: 165mm

77 pieces in a box.

One box of CSM is comparable to 25 litres using this calculation you can work out how much media you need for your particular area to be filled. 

Due to the manufacturing process there are slight variants in the product for example colour, this is perfectly normal and of course doesn't affect it's performance. 

We use CSM in the majority of showers at our shop. 

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