Cloverleaf in-line Pond Heaters

Cloverleaf in-line Pond Heaters

Quick, easy and a cheap way of getting heat on the pond.
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EU, TUV & UL approved.

Models Available: 1kw, 2kw All fittings, threads and hose sizes are identical making them interchangeable.

We suggest that, on average, 1kw of power is suitable per 1000 gals (4450ltrs) of pond water in most instances. 

These new models are compact and easy to use both models are supplied with couplings and hose tails to connect to either rigid 1.5" pipe or 3/4" to 1.5" semi rigid pipe, it is recommended to use the largest size pipe feed your pump will allow to make sure of sufficient pressure to operate the internal flow switch. Temperature is controlled by adjusting a dial to the required temperature setting. A minimum water flow of 4000 Liters an hour is required at the heater to operate the built in safety flow switch which in the event of the pump stopping shuts the heater off to prevent damage to the heater.

Additional helpful installation information.

For maximum efficiency and to maintain an ambient temperature the pond should be covered and insulated to help achieve and maintain the pond temperature in cases of insufficient insulation more KW per gal/litre may be required depending on the level of desired water temperature. it is suggested to use a maximum pump delivery of 6000Liters an hour to maximize efficiency, unlike a conventional water heater pond heaters gradually heat the water on each pass so running too fast is less efficient, it will take several hours to reach the required set temperature when first used, if the pond is insufficiently insulated it may not be possible to achieve the desired set temperature or maintain a stable water temperature.

These heaters are designed to be pump fed and will not work on a gravity return.

The Heater should ideally be installed at the end of the water return to the pond after Ultraviolet steriliser's and filters such as all in one pressure filters to reduce excessive water back pressure in the heater, the maximum working pressure is 0.3mpa and should not be exceeded as this may lead to water ingress into the electric's of the unit voiding the warranty in the case of failure due to water damage.

Pro line Stainless Steel Aquatic Pond Heater with Pro Line Digital Stat

These are ideal for quarantine systems or smaller ponds, comes complete with Pro-line digital thermostat.

These all new Pro line heater units have stainless steel heating elements to ensure its suitability for use on All Aquatic Systems, including salt water / tropical marine.

Accurate to + or - 0.5 deg C the special thermostats have an internal relay that allows them to be used on a wide range of applications including gas and oil boilers as well as electric heaters. 

These units represent very good value for money indeed. To calculate the correct heater size you will need 1kw per 1000 gallons. All the units in this range can be connected to a normal domestic 13 amp mains supply.

These new Pro-line heaters also offer ultimate flexibility in that the heaters and thermostats can be used independently. Should either unit fail, they can therefore be replaced individually and systems can be upgraded from 2kw to 3kw using the same thermostat.

Heating a Koi Pond

There is much debate as to whether Koi hibernate in the winter. There are those that would have you believe that this is a natural state and quite healthy for your fish, while others would say this causes undo stress.

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, there are some important facts to consider.

  • When Koi ponds ice over, harmful gasses from decaying plants, algae and fish waste cannot dissipate.
  • Heating a Koi pond helps greatly reduce stress on your stock.
  • Providing heat will assist your Koi's immune system.
  • Your biological filtration will continue and avoid a start-up in the spring.
  • You can continue the feeding of your Koi to maintain good nutrition.
  • You can protect your investment, by minimizing loss.
Probe cable length - 3m
Element cable length - 4m (please allow for slack so you can fit the heater in situ comfortably. 
Mains cable length - 2.5m


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