Colour Plus

High in spirulina, these pellets are perfect for enhancing the colours of your fish. Available in 3mm and 6mm pellets.
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37% Protein
A complete food for koi made of very high quality ingredients. This floating koi food contains a high content of spirulina and astaxanthin 2 other natural color enhancers. These additives contribute to the development of deep bright contrasting colors. Spirulina is also known for its resistance and increasing health properties. The net protein utilization of this feed is extremely high at approximately 70%.

Feeding advice : At a water temperature above 15 degrees you can feed multiple times a day in small portions. Never feed more than the fish will eat within five minutes.

Please note: Orders placed for 6kg will be dispatched as 1 x 6kg resealable bag.

Analysis : Protein 37% - Dietary fiber 2.1% - 6.0% Fat - Ash7.0% Vitamins: A IU (IU ) kg 25000 - D3 IU (IU ) kg 2800 - E mg / kg 220 - C mg / 330 kg
Ingredients: fish meal , krill, fish oil, premix, and cereal products , oilseeds and by-products , spirulina, astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals

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