DVS Submersible Amalgam UV

Cost effective Amalgam UV.
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The Amalgam Submersible UV's are the most effective form of uvc to date.

The Amalgam Submersible UVs provide radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm which is generated by the special light source UV lamp.

  • Amalgam Submersible UV 40/80 watt
  • For Ponds up to 35 m3 - 7500 gallons / 70cm3 - 15,000 gallons.
  • Energy-saving: Amalgam saves 50-70% compared to normal TL-lamps
  • Optimal operation up to 16,000 (amalgam) hours
  • After 16,000 hours of use, the lamp is still about 80% of it's original output. 
  • Short length: ideal for integration for Sieves or Drum Filters
  • No resistance in the system (extra pipework)
  • Length 33cm - 66cm

These lamps can be used in filter tanks so the water can pass without any resistance/pressure loss

NOTE: the UV-C Radiation range is limited (dependent on i.e. the water clarity) so only a part of the flowing water is treated. The user is responsible for the dangers of exposure to the UV-C radiation to the eye.

WARNING: Please make sure that the lamp is always completely underwater!

These come with a special tank connector fitting. 

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Ken-Norfolk-5 Stars

I purchased the 40watt as I have limited space to slide the unit in and out of the Drum. I have used another manufacturers unit which was slightly longer so the shorter length gave me a little 70mm room to manoeuvre.

I found the fitting simple and like the robust structure of the unit large threads make it impossible to cross thread unlike other makes.

All in all very pleased slightly more expensive £9 but so worth it.

A good addition to the range.

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