FD Koi Food

FD Koi Food has a reputation of being the highest quality Koi food on the market. Their extensive research and development team have sourced the highest quality ingredients from around the globe. Formulating special blends of food, FD Koi food focuses solely on quality. Dainichi Koi Farm are the biggest users of FD Foods in Japan, along with many other breeders. Dainichi use the FD range as well as their own specially formulated Koi food.


In recent years it has been notoriously hard to source FD Food in the U.K, when possible it has been extremely expensive. Out of reach for 99% of hobbyists. Many websites advertise this food for sale, yet do not carry stock and in most cases cannot even source the food. The demand for FD Food quickly diminished as the prices were too high and no one could supply it. 

In 2018 we are proud to announce that Queni Koi are now the sole distrbutor of FD Koi Food in the U.K. We are working very closely with Dainichi Koi Farm, managing director Kentaro Baba of FD Koi Food and our European partner to offer this food throughout the U.K, to the trade and public. 


Working closely with our partners we will hold high stocks of the FD Food. Delivery will be next day as normal. Should we see a surge in orders and stock does run out. We can replenish stocks within a week. A proven and stable transport link has developed over the last 6 years, giving us and our customers peace of mind that items are available as soon as possible.

We will be stocking the majority of the FD Food range, there are some particular foods that are not available yet to the U.K. and Europe due to licensing laws. Foods available are as follows. These come in 3kg and 15kg bags. (5kg and 20kg for Sinking food) 

Build Up Extra
Staple Plus
Colour Up
Colour Emphasise
Wheatgerm Sinking 

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