G4 Black Pond Sealer

G4 Black Pond Sealer

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G4 Pond Sealer Black

G4 Pond Sealer is a moisture cured polyurethane which forms a non-porous seal on concrete rendered ponds, G4 pond sealer uses the moisture in the air and the render to harden, G4 pond sealer can be applied to slightly damp surfaces, but it is important that the render is sufficiently dry to be porous so as to enable the first coat of G4 pond sealer to bond and obtain a mechanical grip, G4 pond sealer can be applied in poor weather conditions, high humidity and at temperatures down to zero degree's.

Koi Pond Construction Materials

As a general rule the pond should be constructed to be structurally sound since the G4 pond sealer only provides the waterproof seal, on no account use a P.V.A based sealer to seal or prime any surfaces, these materials can contain ammonia and also stop the G4 pond sealer from adhering to the render.

Ponds will normally be constructed with either brick, lightweight block or concrete block and then rendered, it is not necessary to add waterproofing agents to the render mix as this will increase the density of the render and can inhibit G4 pond sealer penetration, if a waterproofing agent has been used, simply rub down the surface with an abrasive to obtain a key.

If a fibre is used to give strength to the render it is necessary to burn off or sand down any fibres that are on the surface, as any fibres that protrude will cause leakage, G4 pond sealer will not bond to the fibres.

The cement render should be trowelled to an even surface but not to a smooth dense plaster like finish since this prevents the penetration of G4 pond sealer, new render should be kept damp for the first three days and then allowed to harden for 21-28 days depending on conditions.

G4 Pond Sealer is an excellent sealer for brickwork, but below the waterline the brick should also be rendered. The reason is that while the G4 Pond Sealer is able to seal hairline cracks G4 Pond Sealer is not capable of bridging larger joints, cracks or holes.

400g per sqm for 2 coats.

5 and 25kg please allow 3-4 days delivery time. 

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