Growth Sinking

A high quality sinking food used for rapid growth. Available in 4.5mm pellets.
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This sinking food is ideal for growth during the warmer summer months in 15 degrees temperature or higher. Formulated for Koi it is also suitable for a wide variety of species with bottom and surface feeding behaviour. Including Sturgeon, Tench and Goldfish.

This sinking pellet has been prepared using special temperature cooking and 'expander' technology. This helps gelatinise the start present in the food, rendering it more digestible for all pond fish. As a result the pellet is very dense; this high density allows the pellet to sink slowly through the water column, making it perfect for surface feeders during the colder months when they tend to feed in the lower areas of the pond.

Feeding advice : At water temperatures above 15 degrees you may feed this food multiple times a day, should the Koi be searching for food. Only feed what the Koi will eat in 5 minutes. Do not over feed. Remove any uneaten pellets after this time to avoid polluting the water.

Analysis average : Crude protein 40% - Crude Fat 10% - Crude Fiber 2.5% - Crude Ash 6.8% - Phosphorus 1.14% - Calcium 1.5% - Sodium 0.2%

Ingredients: Wheat, Poultry Meal, Maize Gluten, Soya Dehulled (Extracted, Toasted), Hemoglobin Powder, Blood Meal, Lecithin, Algae, Sunflower Seed (Extracted), Fish Meal, Yeast Derived Product, Monocalcium Phosphate, Vitamins

Vitamins: A 12,700 IU, C 250mg, E 200mg - D3 3,022 IU (Per kg)

Trace Elements: E1 60mg, E2 5mg, E4 5mg, E5 20mg, E6 60mg, E8 0.2mg (Per kg)

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