• Aoki
  • Dainichi
  • Hoshikin
  • Ikarashi Ozumi
  • Isa
  • Marudo
  • Maruhiro
  • Marujyu
  • Marusei
  • Matsue
  • Momotaro
  • Omosako
  • Sakai Fish Farm
  • Sekiguchi
  • Tamaura
  • Tanaka
  • Yamazaki


  • Beni Kikokuryu
  • Beni Kumonryu
  • Budo Goromo
  • Doitsu Kogane Ochiba
  • Doitsu Mukashi Ogon
  • Gin Matsuba
  • Gin Rin Hi Utsuri
  • Gin Rin Kigoi
  • Gin Rin Kohaku
  • Gin Rin Mukashi Ogon
  • Gin Rin Tancho Kohaku
  • Goshiki
  • Ki Matsuba
  • Ki Matsuba Ogon
  • Kin Showa
  • Kohaku
  • Kujaku
  • Mukashi Ogon
  • Ochiba
  • Sanke
  • Shiro Utsuri
  • Showa
  • Tancho Kohaku
  • Tancho Showa
  • Yamabuki Ogon


New Koi

How to secure a koi

Koi under £300 should be paid for in full. Koi over £300 you may leave a 50% deposit to secure. Koi with growing on included should be paid for in full. 
- To pay in full checkout as normal and pay by card.
- To leave a deposit. Checkout, then choose Pay by Telephone. Call 01162 677053 during opening times to pay by card or you can send the required amount of money via PayPal to If using PayPal please confirm via email/facebook this has been done so we can check for confirmation.

- 6 week quarantine included.
- If something happens to your Koi then we will offer a credit to the same value. 
- Genders are not guaranteed (unless specified i.e. Female guarantee).
- Once arrived, and if the Koi isn't to your liking. You can only change/swap Koi if upgrading to a more expensive Koi. 

​​​​​​​Once Koi are out of quarantine they should be collected or delivered. 
Northern breeders QT ends 16/04/2020 (All other breeders except below)
Southern breeders QT ends 07/05/2020  (Momotaro, Sakai, Omosako)

Any questions please contact Mike at


 Due to COVID-19 Koi deliveries are limited Each Monday we find out which days we can deliver and quantities, you will be contacted on Monday with details. ​​​​​​​

Collection of Koi is still allowed. On arrival to the shop please call us. We can then bag the Koi up for you and meet you in the car park. Please respect social distancing rules. Strictly no entry to the shop.

Holding fees that we had in place are now waived. But please do not take advantage of this, sold Koi here remain in designated ponds, minimally fed and kept cool. This is to minimise damage and make sure Koi are in top condition for travel. ​​​​​​​ 

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