QK Char

QK Char

The ultimate water filtration media. Used as the last stage of filtration. Removes Heavy Metals and reduces Chlorine & Chloramine. Sourced by environmentally friendly methods.
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QK Char is made by the dry distillation of sun dried cattle bone in the absence of air. Cattle bones are collected and dried in the sun to remove all the flesh etc. They are then sorted to remove any specified risk material (SRM). This method of manufacture is very eco-friendly and does not use up vital fossil fuels like other Carbon filtration. 

The bones are crushed and those of the correct size are heated in a kiln, in the absence of air, to almost 10000C for a minimum of 6 hours - although this is normally closer to 12 hours. All the organic material is driven off in the form of bone gas and bone oil leaving an inorganic material, QK Char. Consisting of 90% Calcium Phosphate complex (Calcium hydroxyappatite) and 10% elemental carbon.

QK Char should be used in the last stage of a water purification. A typical 3 pod set up would consist of a 5 micron PP filter, Carbon Block and then QK Char. 

As the last stage of water purifcation of a Koi pond, the QK Char will remove any left over Chlorine/Chloramine that the Carbon Block does not manage to totally remove. Moreover, the QK Char removes up to 90% of Heavy Metals from the water, such as Copper, Zinc, Lead, Cadium, Arsenic, Iron, Nickel and more. 

With the removal of Chlorine and Heavy Metals, the water is now fit for Koi and even human drinking. Please note, GAC and Carbon Blocks do not have the same Heavy Metal removing capabilities as QK Char does. As all tap water differs, it is impossible to say how much water the cartridges can cope with. We recommend changing the cartridge every 3-6 months dependant on usage. 

Visit in-store to see the Spectrum Carbon Blocks and QK Char in action. 

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