Small Lotus Root Bacteria House - £70.00

Small Lotus Root Bacteria House - £70.00

Exclusive to Queni Koi. Brand new and innovative shower media. Small size.
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New and exclusive to Queni Koi and the U.K. 

Lotus Root Bacteria House Small 
Each piece is 4cm x 16.5cm
24 pieces in a box

Our Midi Shower can hold 14 boxes of Small Lotus. This may seem a lot, yet due to it's design you can fit more of this media in a given space than you can other types such as BHM, CSM, Pumice etc. The biological capacity of this volume of media is second to none. Of course you don't have to fill a shower to the maximum straight away!

  • New, innovative filter media that is uniquely designed.
  • The highest quality filter media we have seen to date. 
  • 80% absorption rate due to it's extremely porous structure. Once in contact with water, the weight increases by 80% which shows the outstanding porosity.

  • pH neutral and ceramic so it will not dissolve in water. 
  • Areas with high flow benefit from aerobic bacteria to combat Ammonia and Nitrite.
  • Areas with lower flow or no flow at all benefit from anaerobic bacteria to combat Nitrate. 
  • The unique Lotus Spiral structure sees water flow diverted and creates turbulence which de-gases pollutants and CO2 more effectively than other medias.
  • Due to the structure of the media, you can place it in neat rows within a shower or submersed chamber. There is no need to place it in a random fashion like you would other medias. This increases the amount of media you can physically fit in the given shower tray/chamber.
  • Can be used in a shower or submersed chamber. 

  • Mesh protector primarily used for safe transit. Limits the amount of wastage unlike other medias. You can keep this mesh on as it'll only increase the surface area for bacteria to grow on. 
  • Emits FAR Infrared Rays with a high anion value which benefits fish health and water quality.
  • Enriched with vital elements to promote Fish appetite and vigour. 
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Globally Patented.


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