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Topical Medications

Tamodine Treatment for Ulcers, Wounds, Raised Scales, Damaged fins & infected areas on fish.
Kusuri 8 piece Topical Treament Kit for Koi
A complete easy to use kit, for the beginner or experienced fish keeper. For treating Ulcers, wounds and Fin Rot.
Kusuri Anti Bac - 100ml
This treatment will penetrate any wound taking the active Iodine with it, killing pathogenic bacteria and speeding up the healing process.
Kusuri Masuizai - Koi Sedate
Safe to use, acetone free koi sedative.
Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner - 100ml
This wound cleaner is used typically as a pre-cleanser on open wounds, prior to further wound medication.
Kusuri Top Coat Sealer - 50ml
Use as a final coating over treated wounds and split fins, etc.
Kusuri Hydrogen Peroxide
For the re-oxygenation of pond water.