Tosai Grower

A high quality feed developed for rapid growth of Tosai koi. Available in 2mm pellets.
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44% Protein
A complete food for koi, the selection of high quality raw materials makes this floating feed digestible and very tasty. The energy content of the feed resulting in a rapid growth, whilst maintaing a slender body shape

Feeding advice : At a water temperature above 15 degrees you can feed multiple times a day in small  portions. Never feed more than the fish will eat within five minutes.

Please note: Orders placed for 6kg will be dispatched as 1 x 6kg resealable bag.

Analysis average : Crude protein 44% - 11% crude fat crude fiber 2.2% - 7.0% crude ash - moisture 8% 22% carbohydrates (including sugars approximately 4.4 grams) - 1.2% phosphorus - calcium 1.7%, sodium 0.4% Additives : Vitamins: A IU (IU) kg 10,000 - D3 IU (IU) kg 1850 E mg / kg 200 - C mg / kg 150 Trace elements: E1 mg / kg 75 - E2 mg / kg 5.0 - E3 mg / 1,0 kg E4 mg / kg 5.0 - E5 mg / kg 20 - E6 mg / kg 60 Ingredients : Fish meal, wheat, soy (decorticated toasted), wheat gluten, rape seed oil, palm oil, fish oils, anti-oxidants

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