Ultimate Mix

A blend of 4 premium quality foods combined to produce the ultimate feed. Available in 3mm and 6mm pellets.
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42% Protein With Added Garlic
A blend of 4 very high quality foods, combined to produce the ultimate feed, particularly from Nisai on-wards. Made from highly digestible ingredients to bring out the best in your koi. This balanced mix contains garlic and immune stimulants ( beta-glucans) that will improve the natural disease resistance. In addition the mix contains several natural pigments that will intensify the 4 colours of your koi including spirulina, astaxanthin and krill meal. The net protein utilization of this feed is extremely high at approximately 70%.

Feeding advice :
At a water temperature above 13 degrees you can feed multiple times a day in small portions. Never feed more than the fish will eat within five minutes.

Please note: Orders placed for 6kg will be dispatched as 1 x 6kg resealable bag.

Average Analysis: Crude protein 41%, Crude Fat 7% , Dietary fiber 1.5%, Ash 8.2% , Moisture 7% , Carbohydrates 25% (of which about 1.8 grams of sugar), Phosphorus 1.2% - 1.4%, Calcium Sodium 0.3%
Ingredients: Fish Meal, Fish Meal LT Wheat vismeelsap, Krill Meal, Wheat Germ, Wheat Gluten, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Corn Starch, Corn Gluten, Garlic, Squid Meal, Fish Oil, Yeast, Antioxidants
Additives: vitamin: A IU (IU) 24,500 kg, D3 IU (IU) 2,750 kg, E mg / kg 250, C mg / kg 400. Trace elements: E1 mg / kg 83, E2 mg / kg 5.6, E3 mg / kg 1.2, E4 mg / kg 5.6, E5 mg / kg 21, E6 mg / kg 77, E8 mg / kg 0.3


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Anthony Childs-Bristol-5 Stars

Recently switched from Saki Hikari to Ultimate Mix, I have to say the food is VERY good! The same, if not better results! Very little waste, no clouding of the water. Fish love it.

Mark Stirzaker-Nottingham-5 Stars

I have had good results using the ultimate range ....very low waste coupled with vibrant colours and good body shapes. Well worth trying ....

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